Longer Life Span

LED has life span more than 40,000 hours 

we do not include any external or internal transformers and capacitors
So the life span is not restricted by the transformer or capacitor
※ The transformer’s life span is approximately 8,000~10,000 hours.
※ The average life span of LED chip is >50,000 hours 

Low light tube temperature
Low lumendepreciation

life span is 20 times that of the incandescent lights and 10 times that of energy-saving light bulbs

Because our special patented design made the lighting products have high power factors (PF value 0.9~0.95 non-capacitor or IC controlled)
The heat generated by the circuit is lower.
Because the temperature is lower, the lumen depreciation is less
than 2% per year, allowing it to have a longer life span.

Anti-static safe design



Allows stepless dimming

It can be used with all dimming switches and lamps

Able to illuminate at -20 degrees Celsius

There's no capacitors internally or externally, and can illuminate under -20 degrees Celsius.

我們對每一件產品負責 We are responsible for every single product
一般產品貼紙成本低若掉落遺失則產品失去保障 The cost of average product stickers is low if the sticker peels off the product, it loses its warranty 所有LMK照明產品使用雷射標籤列印LOGO製造日及型號無法任意去除及變造 All LMK lighting products use laser tagging logo, manufactured date adn model numbers are printed on them laser tags can not be removed or
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